Cómo Saber Cuántas Actualizaciones Le Quedan A Un Móvil Xiaomi

How to find out how many updates are left on Xiaomi mobile

The age of cell phones is more critical than ever, as whether or not a cell phone will be discontinued depends in part on them. In the long run, without security updates, devices end up being slow, having problems installing some apps and therefore unusable in various aspects. Xiaomi mobile phones are no different. The company, in fact, has a policy of only 3 major updates on most of its models. Others have more time, but how do you know?

Thanks to the official Xiaomi page, we have at hand information from a reliable source that tells you everything. We will teach you what that particular website is and how to go to find out how many updates are left on your Xiaomi mobile.

How to find out how many updates are left on your Xiaomi mobile

How To Find Out How Many Updates Are Left On Xiaomi Phones

To find out how many updates your Xiaomi mobile has and have released, you should go to the Xiaomi Security Center page. The Security Updates section provides information about security updates for both smartphones and the rest of the things that make up the great Xiaomi ecosystem.

In our case, we will choose the smartphone category. By doing so, the page will take you to a site with all the information about Xiaomi’s update policy, details of each update and, to our delight, a section on how many updates each model receives, and Android tips. (AER data)

As you can see, every mobile phone that continues to receive support from Xiaomi is here. You can search for any model and you will find interesting information in it: the frequency of updates, the date of the release of the mobile, until which year it provides security updates, all the Android versions it supports and also the version of Android that starts from the moment it hits the market.

In general, Xiaomi supports its phones for up to 3 years, except for flagships for which it has extended the period up to 4 years. It’s something we hope will change over time if the company wants to keep up with the competition. aspect in this. And today companies like Samsung and Google are extending the update period to 7 years. It happened with both the Galaxy S24 and the Pixel 8. Xiaomi certainly does not want to be left behind.

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