How To Download Free Music On Android Without Apps (2024)

How to Download Free Music on Android Without Apps (2024)

If you like to download music to your mobile and thus not depend on internet connection to listen to your favorite songs, you have come to the right place. And below we present 5 methods to download music to your mobile phone without having to install any application.

How to download free music on Android without apps: 5 methods

There are many free music download apps like SpotiFlyer, Snaptube, etc. that you can install on your Android. Installing Telegram and creating an account in this messaging app, there is an option to download music using Telegram channels.

Now it is also possible to download free music to your mobile without installing any application. In which below we leave 5 methods You just need to use your Android browser Download songs for free;

MP3 YouTube

Mp3 Youtube Website To Download Music From Youtube Fast And With Few Ads

If you want to download YouTube songs on your mobile, you should try the MP3YouTube website. It is very fast and easy to use, you just have to follow these steps:

First, enter the MP3YouTube website from the browser.Now paste the song link from youtube and click search and finally click download MP3 wait few seconds and that’s it the song will start downloading automatically.


Spotifymate Website To Download Music From Spotify Quickly And Easily

What you need to do if you want to download songs from Spotify is to use the SpotifyMate website. This will allow you to download music from streaming platforms by following the steps below.

To get started, open the SpotifyMate website in your browser.Paste the Spotify song link on the web and click the 🢃 button, finally click Download MP3, wait a few seconds and that’s it, the song will download automatically.


Tubidy Buzz Website To Download Free Music

One of the best ways to download free music without installing anything on your mobile is to use the Tubidy website. With it, you don’t have to search for the song link on YouTube or Spotify, because it has its own search engine, so you can easily find the music you want to download. Next, we’ll tell you how to use it:

First, enter the Tubidy website from the browser.Now search for the song you want to download using the search bar, tap the song, select the MP3 section and choose the quality you want with the 🢃 button. After a few seconds a download button will appear, press it and that’s it.


Website To Download Ytmp3 Music From Youtube In 320 Kbps

Above we leave a website to download music from YouTube but the bad thing is that it only downloads songs in 128 kbps… Want to download in better quality? So try YTMP3 website which allows you to download songs from YouTube in 320 KB by following these steps.

To get started, open the YTMP3 website in your browser.Paste the link of the YouTube song on the web and press Search, finally select the highest quality (320 kbps), press Convert, wait a few seconds and then press Download.

SoundCloud tool

Soundcloud Tool To Download Music From Soundcloud

Are there songs you want to download on SoundCloud? Next, we recommend using the SoundCloud Tool website, which allows you to download songs from SoundCloud for free and quickly by following these steps.

First, open the SoundCloud Tool website in your browser.Paste the song link on the web and click Download MP3 track and finally click Download MP3 and that’s it.

And you… Which of these 5 ways do you use to download free music to your mobile?

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