Stumble Guys Ahora Permite A Los Jugadores Crear Sus Propios Niveles

How to create your own levels in Stumble Guys

Scopely has surprised the world with a new update of Stumble Guys that comes with an amazing feature called Stumble Workshop. As you can imagine, this new feature allows you to create your own paths in the game. That means you will be a creator, a designer and also a participant in your own steps. If you want to know more about this new feature, don’t stop reading.

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What is the Stubble Guys Stubble Workshop?

Recently, we have seen how Scopely has stepped up his efforts to make this game a global success. A few months ago they had a collaboration with MrBeast, who had skins and routes based on the popular YouTuber. Now, the company has introduced a new feature that allows you to design your own courses, that is Stumble Workshop.

Undoubtedly, it’s a great feature missing in this game and it’s no secret that Stubble Guys is a slightly lighter version of the popular Dear Guys game. He had the task of creating an obstacle course for a while.

And the only failure that Fall Guys faced at the time was not releasing a version for mobile devices, but Scopely came to the rescue and gave us this great alternative to Fall Guys for Android. While there are some rumors that Fall Guys is coming to Android, there’s no denying that Stumble Guys is a success in its own right and will be a great rival to Epic Games when the time comes.

How to create obstacle courses in Stumble Guys Stumble Workshop?

Currently, the Stumble Workshop option is now available in the game and all you need to do to enter it is to follow the steps below.

Enter Stable Guy and download the latest update. Once the update is ready, go to the main menu. Click on the Workshop option. There you can see the most popular current rankings in the community. If you want to create your own Stumble Guys obstacle course, click Create.

Stumbling Men

Now, it’s important to note that the feature to create your own obstacle courses in Stumble Guys isn’t available to everyone, but it will be in the near future. For now, only select content creators will have access to this feature, according to the game developers. And later the behavior will be made public.

For more news, we invite you to visit the Stumble Guys page to stay updated and follow them on their official Facebook page. This way you won’t miss any news about this amazing Battle Royale. That’s it for now in our article about Stumble Guys allowing players to create their own levels.If you have any questions let us know in the comments.

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