Cómo Crear Canciones En Suno Ai Como Todo Un Profesional De La Música

How to create songs like a musician in Suno AI

Technological advances in the application of artificial intelligence in services and products are often changing the way we do things. The most obvious example of this is what is happening in the music industry.

Although artificial intelligence-powered apps and websites allow you to create songs, the arrival of Suno has raised the bar even further. Currently free to use, this platform (limited) allows anyone to create a song in less than 1 minute.

Using words, Suno AI has the ability to automatically compose lyrics, not just the beat of a song. If you’ve watched videos on Tik Tok or Spanish-speaking streams that use this tool, but don’t know how to use it to create songs, you’re in the right place.

Creating songs with Suno AI is very easy.

Before we explain what you need to do to be able to create songs in Suno AI, it is important to make it clear that the platform itself is free, that is, you can create 5 songs a day without having to pay anything.

Suno AI uses credits, which are renewed daily for users who decide to create a free account. If you run out of credit and don’t want to wait 24 hours, you will be required to pay for a subscription.

How To Use The Suno Ai App

The first thing you need to do is go to Suno’s website. After logging in, you must press the “Create Song” button (found on the top right) and create an account using Discord, Google, or Microsoft (you must use the account you created in one of those services).

Create A Song In Suno

After registering with Suno, clicking “Create” you need to write what you want to create a Suno song in the “Song description”. You can use any question, although we recommend using this one, “About (and here specifically what you want him to say about the song).” On “Create”.

Use Suno To Create Songs With Artificial Intelligence

Suno takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes to create the song.

Last but not least, you will have unlimited access to the platform in Suno AI, just as you can generate photos and videos with artificial intelligence, how? Create different accounts to use the credit it offers every day.

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