How To Convert Your Android To Iphone In Ios 18

How to convert your Android to iPhone in iOS 18

Apple has released iOS 18 bringing new features that users will appreciate. It is one of the company’s most radical changes compared to previous versions so far. If you like the new iOS 18 style and want to have it without changing your mobile phone, don’t worry, you can look it up on Android without losing the best that it has to offer.

And there are many tricks and apps to help you change the customization layer to some extent. It won’t be a carbon copy of the iPhone’s original iOS 18, but it can look good enough that your Android phone won’t miss anything important.

How to convert your Android to iPhone in iOS 18

Next, we leave all the tricks and apps you need to apply to turn your Android into an iPhone with iOS 18. You will find the resources step by step and even different guides will give you more information. Wear your cell phone well.

Install the iOS 18 launcher

Ios 18 Launcher

The most we do with our phones is open and close. If you use this version’s launcher, the app grid experience on the home screen and menu may be similar to iPhones in iOS 18. Fortunately, there are already several options for downloading the iOS 18 launcher in the Play Store. We leave the one that works best and is superior to the rest.

Simply install the app, grant permissions when you open it, and choose which iOS 18 launcher feature you want to apply to your mobile. There will be many options, so you can choose as you like. Then select Set as default and select the iOS 18 launcher as default. This way, the changes will take effect immediately.

Ios 18 Launcher

Download the iPhone keyboard

The keyboard is a fundamental part of switching to iOS 18 and because it cannot be otherwise, it is possible to find apps that bring the same type of keyboard to your mobile just by installing it in the Play Store. Not only in appearance, but also the functions known for this keyboard.

Keyboard Ios 16 - Emoticons

Switch to iOS 18 wallpapers

How To Convert Your Android To Iphone In Ios 18

Wallpapers are important, and with the arrival of iOS 18, today new styles in Apple’s mood have also appeared. At this time, the operating system’s default wallpapers represent a classic style combined with a certain bold touch. Luckily, you can download and use it on Android without any problem from the link we have left for you below.

Download | iOS 18 wallpapers

Add ChatGPT as your assistant

Discussion Gpt

ChatGPT’s integration with Siri is another feature you can copy from Android, giving you more than just an Apple experience. Whether you’re typing on a keyboard or chatting by voice, artificial intelligence can provide you with a solution to any problem or change you want to make, even if you don’t know how.

In previous articles, we have shown you how to install ChatGPIT on Android mobile keyboard and how to speak with voice in ChatGPIT, so don’t waste time adding this useful update to your device.

Integrate Google Password Manager

How To Convert Your Android To Iphone In Ios 18

In iOS 18, Apple added the Passwords app as a password manager for its devices. Something that appeared a long time ago on Android, since Google has its own password manager, you have to enable it from the Google Chrome browser to install it.

You can find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install Google Password Manager on Android in our article. It will be the first option of all as it is considered to be the closest to what iOS 18 has to offer.

Use all iOS 18 widgets

Gadgets For Ios And Android

Apple’s widgets are famous, and now they can be customized better than ever with iOS 18. If you don’t want to miss out on these unique and attractive additions, you can download these widgets and widgets for Android phones. on your mobile phone.

Ios Gadgets

Listen to music with Apple Music

Apple Music

As an unmissable addition, Apple Music is the main music library for iPhones. Just like in Spotify, you can find the most recent songs or current music trends.

Apple Music

With all these elements, you can feel like you are using iOS 18 on your Android mobile without any iPhone envy.

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