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How to change WhatsApp color on Samsung

WhatsApp is the most advanced messaging app in the global market. Meanwhile, Samsung is one of the best-selling brands year after year. So there are millions of people who have WhatsApp installed on their Samsung Galaxy. What is interesting about this? Actually, not so much. But what would you say if we told you that you can customize the look of WhatsApp on your Samsung to set yourself apart from the rest? Yes, you have A unique version in his style, related to your preferences and far from what everyone else has.

The best of all? To do this, you don’t need to install a WhatsApp mod with a dubious origin, as you can get it with the official app. How is it done? How far can personalization go? We will show you how to change WhatsApp color on Samsung and customize it according to your needs.

Tutorial How To Change Whatsapp Samsung Galaxy Colors

In January 2024, it was revealed that WhatsApp plans to add themes to the app, but at the time of this writing, it is not yet possible. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t change WhatsApp colors on your Samsung Galaxy.

Yes you can, just like any other Android phone, but is there a special function in one UI? We want to say yes, but This customization layer does not hide any methods. So customizing WhatsApp colors on Samsung devices depends on the application itself or third parties. What can you do on your Samsung to customize WhatsApp and change its colors? We list all these below-

Change the color or style of the WhatsApp icon on your Samsung Galaxy


Although some Android customization layers allow you to change app icons without installing anything extra, a UI is not one of them. So you are dependent on a special launcher to change the WhatsApp icon on Samsung phones.

Which one do we recommend? Nothing less than Nova Launcher, an excellent application Popular, free, with years on the market And that also lets you do the same on any other Android. How to use it? You can review the complete tutorial we did, but basically these are the steps:

Install Nova Launcher and run it as the default launcher. Download the color WhatsApp icon you want to use from the Internet (in PNG) Tap the WhatsApp icon to display the context menu, click Edit, and then click Place the application icon in the floating window. Go to ‘Apps’ and then ‘Gallery’. Select the downloaded image and resize it. Check the change and enjoy the new WhatsApp icon on your Samsung.

Nova Launcher

Switch between WhatsApp light and dark mode on your Samsung Galaxy

Change Color Theme Whatsapp Samsung Galaxy

This is an official WhatsApp feature that has been in the market for years and you probably already know about it. However, if not, we will help you with it.

The first thing you need to know is that WhatsApp sets the theme based on what you generally have on your Samsung: if a UI theme is dark, the WhatsApp theme is also dark, for example. However, you can pick one you like and leave it at that. Regardless of the system issue.

Where do you work from? From WhatsApp settings, in the ‘Chat’ sub-menu. There you will find the ‘Theme’ option and you can select your choice (or leave it at ‘System Default’).

Change the background color of WhatsApp chats on your Galaxy

How To Change Chat Background Color Whatsapp Samsung

Another WhatsApp customization option that has been around for a good handful of years but not many users know about it. Whether you are a Samsung Galaxy user or another mobile phone, WhatsApp allows you to change the wallpaper of your chats. the best? You can choose solid colors (with or without WhatsApp doodles), the app’s own background or an image downloaded by you. How do you change the chat background color on your Samsung? in order to –

Tap on ‘Change’ in the ‘Chat’ sub-menu of the WhatsApp application. Customize the background brightness by changing it.

Customize Whatsapp Colors Samsung Galaxy

We’ve left the best for last because it’s a trick that allows us to take WhatsApp to a new level of customization. The details? It is an advanced trick that requires rooting your Samsung to improve the WhatsApp application.

We will not stop ourselves by explaining in detail how this process is carried out, because we will try to write a very long article. However, we will tell you what you can do, with what and what you need to get it.

The magic application is WA Tweaker, which allows you to make changes to WhatsApp code or modify existing ones to enable hidden features. This app is more than simple aesthetic customization, but we’ll stay in that area. Here’s what you can do with WA Tweaker:

Change the entire theme of WhatsApp Change the colors of the app in all its parts: toolbar, status bar, chats, notification bubbles, etc. Change the WhatsApp wallpaper in all its windows.

What do you need to get WA Tweaker up and running? All this:

Be careful if you try this last method, but you can always let us know how it goes.

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