How To Change Facebook Password On Android (2024).

How to change Facebook password on Android (2024).

Did you get your Facebook account from somewhere else? Don’t worry, the social network lets you change the password in the blink of an eye.

Because you’re afraid someone will gain access to your account or your password is too easy to guess, here’s what to do to change it.

The tutorial we show you here can be done without being an expert on social networks. Well, you only need to have a Facebook account to change your password. If you do not have access to the account, this tutorial will not help you, in this case you must recover the account, do not change the password.

Changing your Facebook password has never been so easy

Before explaining the steps to follow to change your Facebook account password, you need to mention that we have made this tutorial in the official Android app.


Step 1 How To Change Facebook Password

Although it can be done from the web version of the social network, it is recommended to use the application. In it, the process is very simple and fast.

Open the Facebook app on your mobile phone.

Step 2 How To Change Facebook Password

Go to Account Center and click on Password and Security.Click Change Password.

Step 3 How To Change Facebook Password

Select your Facebook account, and then enter your current password and your desired new password.When you’re done, click Change Password and that’s it.

After doing this, your open Facebook sessions will be locked from all your devices as Facebook will now require you to enter the new password to unlock your account.

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