Como Crear Sexo En Infinite Craft

How “sex” and “love” work in Infinite Craft

Among all the unknown craft combinations and recipes, one of the least known is the one that can create “sex”. Because yes, Infinite Craft has no censors with words of a sexual nature and allows you to have a “sex” element in your arsenal so you can combine whatever you want.

Interestingly, it is not necessary to make a man and a woman Infinite Craft to create sex or love. You just need to combine “drunk” and “date”. It’s also interesting to know that it’s not necessary to create “love” first, as you might think logic.

And don’t worry if you don’t know how to make any of the words we mentioned, because we’ll show you how to make “sex” and “love” right away with Infinite Craft from scratch and easily. A few steps.

Steps to make “sex” in Infinite Craft

How To Make Sex In The Endless Craft

The recipe for creating “sex” in Infinite Craft is as follows.

Earth (Earth) + Wind (Wind) = Dust (Dust)Earth (Earth) + Water (Water) = Plant (Plant) Plant (Plant) + Wind (Wind) = Dandelion (Dandelion) Dandelion (Dandelion) + Water (Water) = Vine (Vine)Wine + Fire = Alcohol + Dust = Drunk Dust + Wind = SandstormSandstorm + Water = OasisOasis + Plant = Drunk Day + Day = Sex

Steps to make love in an endless craft

Once you have a “sex” member, just do this to make love.

Sex (Sex) + Day (Day) = Love (Love)

Another way to make “Love” is by combining “Date” with “Fire” twice (the first gives you “Romance” and the second “Love”). So if you want to make love with Infinite Craft, create a “date” as we explained before (skip the step to get drunk) and mix it with fire.

And that would be it. Have a question or a problem with a recipe? Give us feedback so that we can solve the problem as soon as possible.

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