Como Hacer Raperos En Infinite Craft Kanye West Drake Eminem

How Kanye West, Drake and Eminem work in Infinite Craft

Want to make your favorite rapper in Infinite Craft? Well, you can create Kanye West, Drake, Eminem or any other rapper of your choice in Infinite Craft, just like you can create Taylor Swift. The first thing you need is the “Rapper” element, which we will teach you to create first. Then we’ll show you a recipe for making some wrappers.

Please note that since the Infinite Craft database contains content primarily aimed at the English-speaking community, it is not possible to create Spanish-speaking rappers, or at least I couldn’t. If you can make a Spanish or Latin rapper in Infinite Craft, let me know below.

How to make any rapper in Infinite Craft

As I mentioned before, the first thing you need to do is the “rap” part that was created this way.

Earth (Earth) + Earth (Earth) = Mountain (Mountain) Earth (Earth) + Water (Water) = Plant (Plant) Earth (Earth) + Wind (Wind) = Dust (Dust) Dust (Dust) + Plant (Plant ) = Pollen (Pollen) Pollen (Pollen) + Water (Water) = Honey (Honey) Earth (Earth) + Fire (Fire) = Lava Lava + Lava = Volcano (Volcano) Sand Volcano + Sand = Glass Water + Glass = Wine Wine + Wind = Balloon Balloon + Fire (Fire) = Poppop + Honey (Honey) = Hip Hop Man (Man) + Hip Hop = Rapper (Rap)

Once you get the “rapper” item, you can now combine it with other items in the game to make some singers.

Kanye West

Earth + Water = Plant Plant + Wind = Dandelion Plant + Plant = Tree Dandelion + Tree ) ) = wish (wish) tree (tree) + wish (wish) = money (money) wish (wish) + wish (wish) = star (star) star (star) + money (money) = fame (fame) fame (fame) + fame (fame) = famous person (famous) rapper (rapper) + famous person (famous) = Kanye West


Water (Water) + Water (Water) = Lake (Rapper) + Lake (Lake) = Drake


Rapper (Rapper) + Wind (Wind) = Eminem

Snoop Dogg

Rapero (rapper) + agua (water) = Snoop Dogg

Lil Wayne

Rapper + Fire = Lil Wayne

Travis Scott

Earth + Water = Plant Water + Wind = Wave Earth + Wave = Sand Plant + Sand ) ) = Cactus Cactus + Hip Hop = Cactus JackRapper (Rapper) + Cactus Jack = Travis Scott


Earth (Earth) + Wind (Wind) = Dust (Dust) Dust (Dust) + Dust (Dust) = Sand (Sand) Sand (Fire) = Glass (Glass) Glass (Glass) + Glass (Glass) = Window (Dust ) ) + Glass (Glass) = Telescope (Telescope) Window (Window) (Telescope) = Spy (Spy) Glass (Glass) + Fire (Fire) = Lens (Lens) Lens (Lens) + Fire (Fire) = Magnifying Lens Magnifying Glass + Spy (Spy) = Detective + Detective = Police (Police) Police (Police) + Rapper (Rapper) = Police (Cop) Rapper (Rapper) + Cop (Cop) = Tupac Tupac + Tupac = 2pac

Kendrick Lamar

Los Angeles + Rapper = Kendrick Lamar

Tyler the Creator

Tyler Durden + Rapper (Rapper) = Tyler the Creator

By the way, you can make anime characters, video game characters and other cool stuff in Infinite Craft. If you want us to make a tutorial specifically to teach you how to craft something in Infinite Craft, leave us a comment.

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