Google Play Store Podría Añadir Preguntas Frecuentes Generadas Por Ia

Google Play Store may add AI-generated FAQs.

For Google Bard, not only is it a direct competitor to ChatGPT, but it’s also the tool they’ve come to rely on for many of their services. One of them could soon be the Play Store, and recent news suggests that the big G is planning something. Sources suggest that you can add a Google AI-generated FAQ section.

Play Store may have AI generated FAQs.

The news takes shape as a number of leaks in the Google Play Store version 38.4.12 code have found small details. These details correspond to Bard AI, and suggest that the artificial intelligence itself can generate FAQs. The location of the mentioned section will be in the “Applications and Games” section of the section.

The lines of code in question are focused on creating answers to frequently asked questions about applications and games. Therefore, this work is automated as much as possible by Google AI to provide more information to the user.

Ai-Generated Faqs: This Is How Google Integrates Bard Into The Play Store.

It is expected that this new feature will take some time to roll out, because so far, the code is very dry and does not provide good details. Also, the filters could not work on some lines. So it’s clear that this is a half way job, it seems that Google doesn’t want to waste time to get the advantage of its own AI.

We’ll have to wait for the feature to be 100% up and running before we can see what it contributes to the Google app library. If you’re interested in trying out Google Bard AI, keep in mind that it’s only possible from the browser and there’s no AI app yet. If you are careless, you can cheat.

Fuente | Android Central

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