Google Maps Estrena Nuevo Diseño En Android Auto: Así Se Ve La App

Google Maps is launching a new design on Android Auto. This is what the app looks like

The new Google Maps update comes with more surprises than meets the eye. It’s not just new functions that have been added. Google has decided to change the colors that have been untouched for many years and now the look and feel of this Maps app looks a little different. All phones with Google Maps can detect this tweak, and your car will be detected if you’re using Android Auto.

Once you get to know the new look of the roads, it’s up to you whether it’s a good color choice or not. They also added some details on certain lines that you couldn’t see before. Once you receive the Google Maps update, there’s no going back. Below we present everything new.

Google Maps comes with a new design in Android Auto

The most visible change in Google Maps is the color of roads. Before, they were easily distinguished by the fact that the main ones were yellow and the others were white. Now, the color has been changed to an almost grayish blue, while the water bodies have been refreshed in light blue, and the normal traffic on the selected road in a strong blue.

The change may have been made in order to make the map look “more realistic” similar to physical bodies. This is not the only change, as the indicators and green spaces come in solid green, and in addition, there are details that have not been seen before.

One of them is now Google Maps which shows you where the pedestrian routes are on the map. The background of the map remains in the familiar gray color, so the difference between the details and the roads is small. It wasn’t an intuitive choice for Google Maps, or the company thought it would give you a better view. As with any change, appreciation is individual, although there is no doubt that it will affect the first moments of using the map.

Perhaps the choice of gray-blue on gray makes it difficult to see some streets better. Although you can use Android Auto full screen to have a wider view.

What do you think of the color change?

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