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GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux Review: Premium Controller for Xbox and PC

If you’re tired of the traditional aesthetic of controllers, it’s because you didn’t know there was life beyond the official PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo controllers. For example, GameSir is a manufacturer that has launched controllers with bold and innovative designs over the years, such as the GameSir T4 Kaleid, without compromising on build quality.

On this occasion, GameSir has decided to expand its Kaliid series with two new models that feature the transparent design formula with RGB lights and the latest in technology. GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux are the ones we’ve already thoroughly tested to tell you what they look like and are worthless.

GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux: two officially licensed Xbox controllers, premium aesthetics and cutting-edge technologies

First of all, it should be clarified that both GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux are wired controllers (only wired ones can be used). In addition, they are only compatible with Xbox consoles and computers. Before we get into the details, we’ll leave you with a comparative technical sheet:


GameSir Kaleid

GameSir Kaleid Flux

ABXY Buttons Micro Switch.Membrane.Default Light Effect Rainbow Gold Internal Printed Circuit Board Original Board Pattern.Damascus Pattern.CompatibilityXbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11 and Steam.ConnectivityUSB Detachable 3m USB-A to USB-C cable included in the box. They have a 3.5mm jack for connecting headphones.Technology joysticks with monumental effect, analog triggers with hall, 4 rumble motors (2 on each trigger) and 2 additional back buttons. Additional button to mute the microphone. AppGamesir Nexus. Box Contents 1x GameSir Kaleid / Kaleid Flux 1x Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Card (for new Xbox users). 1x 3 meter USB-C Cable 1x User Manual. Buy it here

What does the GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux controllers look like?

GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux are 95% the same, so what we say about one applies to the other, unless otherwise stated.

As we are used to from this brand, both have a comfortable design. Ergonomically, they are similar to other controllers that GameSir has released in the past, such as the T4 Kaleid, G7 SE and G7. They look like official Xbox controllers, which makes sense considering they’re both licensed by Xbox.

What makes the GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux design unique is the front case, which is clear and allows you to see the internal printed circuit board (PCB). In addition, they have two LED strips on the sides that glow in different colors.

On the Kaleid model, by default the lights glow in a rainbow pattern, and on the Kaleid Flux model, they glow gold. I personally like the look of the Kaleid Flux better because the crossover, the back buttons, the internal circuit boards and even the cable are gold and they blend in perfectly with the light.

On the other side, both ABXY buttons, crossbar, two joysticks, menu button, screenshot button, “M” button for quick settings, microphone mute button, two back buttons LB and RB, two long-travel triggers LT and RT, and two Additional rear keys M1 and M2.

They also have four vibration motors (two on each handle), a 3.5mm jack for connecting headphones, and a USB-C port on the back for connecting to an Xbox or PC. By the way, they include their own USB-C to USB-A cable to connect them. This cable is 3 meters long; Long enough to not worry about a relationship. I was able to use it sitting in front of the PC and in front of the TV without any problems.

How does GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux work?

The operation of GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux is very simple: connect it to your PC or Xbox with the cable and that’s it. You can start using it now! Of course, to update the controller to the latest version, it is recommended that you first install the GameSir Nexus app on your computer. From this same application, you can customize both the buttons and the lights on the controller, as well as save different profiles.

The two controllers offer a nice touch on the buttons, but with a different feel. The buttons on the Kaleid model use microswitches so they feel like a “click”. On the other hand, the buttons on the Kaleid Flux are of the membrane type, so they feel smooth and won’t vibrate.

In theory, the microswitch buttons on the Kaleid model are better because they are more durable and provide a pleasant press like mechanical keyboards. However, many people prefer the Kaleid Flux coating buttons for a smooth, noise-free press. Which one you choose is up to you.

The GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux joysticks and triggers are very precise and responsive. They use the Hall effect to eliminate drift (distortion in the joystick with gain) and withstand up to 5 million cycles. Incidentally, the triggers are analog and are familiar with even small printers (up to 0.1 mm).

If you want the triggers to activate even with a small press, you can switch to hair mode (by pressing the M + LT/RT key). This is the best mode for playing FPS titles that require fast shooting.

The M button can be combined with the joystick to customize the lights. If you press the M button and move the joystick to the side, the lighting effect will change. If you press the M button and move the joystick up and down, the brightness of the light will go up and down.

Differences between GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux

We don’t want to end without explaining the differences between the two Kaleid models launched by Gamsir, as we understand that they can cause confusion. Here we summarize them:

The Kaleid’s interior panel pattern is simple, while the Kaleid Flux uses a unique interior tile pattern.Kaleid uses micro switches on the buttons, while Kaleid Flux uses membrane buttons, the default lights on Kaleid are rainbow, and on Kaleid Flux they are gold like the buttons.

Are the GameSir Kaleid and Kaleid Flux controllers worth it?

GameSir has done it again. I find the Kaleid and Kaleid Flux Premium to be two practically perfect wired monitors with a clear design and impeccable build quality. The only thing missing is the presence of a gyroscope that comes with some games, but otherwise I have no complaints.

The buttons feel great to the touch, the triggers have good travel, the joysticks are accurate and the connection has no input. The icing on the cake is the beauty, which is the coolest I’ve ever seen on a monitor. In addition to being excellent controllers, they are a great addition to your gaming setup. I definitely recommend them.

GameSir Kaleid costs €65.99 out of the box, but you can get it cheaper using the following discount coupons and buttons.

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Meanwhile, GameSir’s Kaleid Flux has been released for €65.99. Want cheap? Use the following coupons and keys to get low prices.

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