Eurovision Sport Llega A España: Nueva App Para Ver Deportes Gratis

Eurovision Sport arrives in Spain: a new app to watch sports for free

It is a lie to say that there is no way to watch sports online. There are a thousand ways, many of them are legal, and many others are not. From football, swimming, tennis, basketball, golf, etc. It is possible to enjoy the matches directly and without much haste and from your internet connection. This allows you to bring your favorite sports to any screen. La Liga + is one of the most popular options, and now another official platform directly from the European Broadcasting Union joins the list.

Eurovision Sports is a new app to watch free streaming sports content that covers many Olympic sports to ensure thousands of hours of live streaming. The aim is to use this platform to supplement what the public sports media in each country broadcasts on their own.

Eurovision Sports: Free app to watch sports streaming

Eurovision Sports

The EBU initiative is very exciting as it tries to give a new approach to sports streaming platforms. From this point of view, they want the duplicated content to respect what is necessary for the existence of true gender equality. So you can see European World Championships and also national championships in sports with female and male teams or participants.

The first weeks after the start of the application will be filled with championships that have already started or will start in the near future. Among them: the World Swimming Championships, the International Biathlon Union World Championships and the World Athletics Championships.

It should be noted that currently, Eurovision Sports has the rights to up to 14 sports with 28 international sports federations participating in the agreement. Sports such as athletics, swimming, biathlon, gymnastics, skiing, canoeing and sailing are currently available for streaming.

As expected, this app is available for both Android and iOS. Creating your account on this platform is free, English is the main language. Spanish, French and German have also been added to the mobile app.

So the only thing you need to watch sports on Eurovision Sports is a good internet connection. With a minimum speed of 3 Mbps, you can watch the broadcast in standard definition quality. A speed of 5 Mbps or higher is required for HD broadcasts.

Eurovision Sports
Eurovision Sports
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