Mazos Para El Torneo De Doble Evolución De Clash Royale Febrero 2024

Double Evolution Tournament Stage for Clash Royale (February 2024)

Supercell is well aware that when an event or challenge is loved by the Clash Royale community, re-releases are a must. A clear example of this is the popular Double Evolution Tournament, which attracts hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world. why? Because it’s so much fun to play.

Considering that two evolutions can already be used in ships, it wouldn’t be strange for us to see this race at least once a month. If you want to compete with other players, you can also try two evolutions at the same time, but as for the king’s tower, you have not reached level 15 (this level is necessary to use two evolutions in other modes). game) are practically forced to play in this tournament.

If you want to compete evenly, you need to build a deck that fits the current meta. So that you don’t waste your time trying out decks and games, here we show you 5 of the best. Do you plan to miss it?

The best classes for the Clash Royale double evolution tournament

Clash Royale Double Evolution Tournament February 2024

Before we look at the deck in question, we want to remind you that you can still participate in the awesome Bomber Evolution launch challenge. This event not only gives you season tickets and a beautiful banner, but also allows you to try out the new and improved card that all players use in Clash Royale.

Deck 1 – Archer Fisherman

Deck 1 Archer Fisherman

Archers (evolution). Royal Recruitment (evolved). Bombastic balloon. Wood cutter. The little prince. Fisherman. Arrows. Snowball.

Average elixir consumption: 3.8 units.

Deck 2 – Fast bike batteries

Deck 2 Fast Bike Batteries

Bats (Evolution). Skeletons (evolution). Wall builders. Mega Knight. Miner. The little prince. Rash. take down.

Average elixir consumption: 2.9 units.

Deck 3 – Crash Giant

Deck 3 Loud Giant

Archers (evolution). Bats (Evolution). Grave. Huge. The little prince. Rockthrower. Arrows. Snowball.

Average elixir consumption: 3.5 units.

Deck 4 – Defense poison

Deck 4 Defense Poison

Knight (Evolved) Bats (Evolved). Wall builders. Miner. Poison. Goblins at war. The log. Bomb tower.

Average elixir consumption: 2.8 units.

Mazo 5 – Destroyer Montapurcos

Mazo 5 Montapurcos Destroyer

Firewall (improved). Skeletons (evolution). Ride the pigs. Miner. Earthquake. Snow Spirit. The log. Bomb tower.

Average elixir consumption: 2.8 units.

If there’s nothing more to say in this regard, we’ll use this space to remind you that Evolved Wall Breakers will be launched in a few days, a card that may mark the before and after of this exciting strategy video game.

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