Disney+ Transmitirá Fútbol En Directo: Star+ Desparecerá

Disney+ will broadcast live football: Star+ will disappear

Star+ is a way to separate Disney-owned adult and sports content from the Disney+ platform, which is aimed at kids. Therefore, both Disney+ and Star+ must be contracted separately. This means that the users have to pay two monthly subscriptions.

It’s not a very successful move, as it causes many to miss out on ESPN’s football content, as well as series like The Simpsons or movies for mature audiences. Well, the problem seems to be solved in Latin America, because as mentioned earlier, Disney+ intends to merge the two platforms into one package soon. Now we have more details behind this news.

Disney+ (Latin America) broadcasts live soccer, leaving Star+ in the process

The company announced that starting June 26, 2024, Disney+ will be Disney’s exclusive streaming service in Latin America and will be available with content from its properties. This includes both live ESPN sports programs and all the movies and series that were on Star+. And what will happen in this last service? Well simple: it will disappear.

What’s new is that only one subscription is required to access the full range of Disney content. Does it involve risks for minors? Not really, as the company offers options to block access to sensitive content in user accounts.

In addition to the junior mode (which only shows series and movies suitable for children’s viewers), there will be special configurations for all profiles. Adult content can be hidden if connected to a specific profile, and the use of a 4-digit PIN is allowed to even block said content to strengthen security. This means that if the young children in the house stumble upon a series or movie that is not suitable for them, they will not be able to watch it without entering a password first.

New subscriptions and content categories on Disney+ for Latin America

Disney+ Will Broadcast Live Football: Star+ Will Disappear

On Disney+, content for legal age audiences will appear in a separate category called Star. ESPN’s sports section will have live football, basketball, tennis, and more.

Additionally, the merger will pave the way for new Disney+ subscriptions in Latin America: Standard with Ads (available in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico), Standard and Premium. Prices have not yet been announced. Innovation brings new opportunities, as countries that didn’t have Star+ can now enjoy the content with the new Disney+ subscriptions.

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