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Content Warning APK: Playable on Android?

Content Alert is the newest game from publisher Landfall, known for other popular titles like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Stick Fling: The Game, which quickly spread among content creators due to its similarities to their work. And this game is about becoming a YouTuber who makes horror videos with his friends and earns money online.

If you want to play content warning on your Android device with your friends and you are looking for where to download it, we will tell you on which platforms it is officially available and if there is an APK of the game. If there is no more time to waste, let’s go there!

Content Warning What is the game about?

Content Warning From Android

Content Warning is a collaborative horror game designed specifically for YouTubers and streamers. In this game you become a content creator who descends with up to 3 friends into the “Old World”, a dark and scary place inhabited by strange creatures that look like something out of Zoonomaly. For what purpose? Record videos to upload to SpotTube (the in-game equivalent of YouTube).

The scarier the videos in the “old world” are, the more views they’ll get on SpookTube and the more money they’ll make from ads. With money, you can upgrade your equipment to make better videos and live longer among the dark creatures.

Is there a content warning for Android?

No, it is not available for Android as per the content warning on the game’s official website. It can only be downloaded from Steam, which means there is no version of this game optimized for mobile devices. So any apk you get for this game is either fake or definitely a very bad emulator full of viruses. Don’t download anything!

By the way, the game launched on April 1, 2024 with a special promotion that lets you get it for free for the first 24 hours. So you can add it to your Steam account and play it on your Android via Steam Link if you have a PC capable of running it.

Content Warning

Is there a similar game with content warning for Android?

Unfortunately, no. The closest thing to a content warning is Deadly Company, where the game takes a lot of things. However, Killer Company doesn’t have an Android version either. For now, you can’t play these games on your phone or tablet, but we’ll try to let you know if they’re available here on mobile platforms.

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