Boring Phone: This Is Hmd And Heineken'S Anti-Smartphone.

Boring Phone: This is HMD and Heineken’s anti-smartphone.

Boring Phone The World's Most Boring Mobile Startup Hmd Global And Heinejen

If we asked you to think of a new cell phone, you’d no doubt think of something like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Pixel 8 Pro, or iPhone 15. For players like RedMagic 9 Pro, some don’t think anything or on device.

You don’t think of a modest terminal in this type of situation, as it is normal in the mobile market to plan for the best. However, there are always exceptions to the rule and today we will talk about one. Meet the boring phone: the anti-smartphone created by HMD, Heineken and Bodega is the opposite of cool.

To fight your cell phone addiction, why not try the most boring phone of all?

Boring Phone Design Screen Features

Famous beer brand Heineken has teamed up with HMD Global and design firm Bogeda to create the world’s most boring mobile phone. The purpose? Introduce yourself to your friends, colleagues and family and enjoy it in person Without knowing the phone at any time. We think it is a great campaign because it is an evil that has happened to all of us and is getting worse every day.

What is special about this device? That is precisely its main attraction, because there is nothing special about it! It’s a device that very few people want to own today.

It’s a traditional phone based on the Nokia 2660 Flip, but with a clear case and a monochrome theme for all software. Yes, the internal 2.8 “QVGA” screen and the external 1.77″ screen have no colors, everything is designed to be as boring as possible.

The boring phone has: the rear camera is only 0.3 MP (VGA), very primitive; Although it is compatible with 4G network, it does not have internet service; It doesn’t allow you to install new apps because it has Mocor RTOS instead of Android; And it lets you install fewer games, even though Classic Snake is already installed.

We don’t know the processor but it must be a very basic chip or the amount of RAM but we know it only has 128MB of storage. Be careful, it can be expanded via microSD to save music, it has an FM radio (learn, cell phones over 1000 euros) and a headphone jack. The battery is 1450 mAh, it is autonomous. Up to a week on standby or on call.

We’ll say it again: it’s a device that very few people buy. Of course, if you are a little lucky and in the right place, you can win it.

Is the boring phone for sale? How much does it cost?

Availability Of Boring Phone Games Camera Price

Heineken’s campaign to fight mobile addiction is great, although we wouldn’t be surprised if it was left in some ad spots and little else. However, because this will not happen The brand brings this phone to the market..

Specifically, 5,000 boring phone parts are produced, which They are offered at various events throughout the UK. It is said that some parts will be taken over by other countries, but nothing is confirmed.

Would you like to have one? Imagine you’re at a meeting with your friends and you find yourself with this new cell phone. At least you’ll get some laughs out of them.

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