Los 3 Mejores Emuladores De Ps2 Para Android

Best 3 PS2 Emulators for Android (2024)

Emulating a PlayStation 2 game on Android isn’t going through the best of times. And in recent months, the best PS2 emulator project for Android has announced the actual closure. Additionally, alternatives like DamonPS2 and PPSS22 have been accused of stealing code from the PCSX2 PC emulator and being Chinese spyware.

Well, this leaves users looking to play PS2 titles on Android with a few options. Fortunately, there are some PlayStation 2 Android emulators that still work on Android. Next, we will tell you which ones are the best.

The best PS2 emulators for Android 3

The first thing you should know is that PS2 emulation on Android is far from perfect. And there are still some titles that cannot be played using even the most powerful mobile player on the market.

In fact, only 74% of the games tested (451/609) are estimated to be playable without problems, just like PC emulation (99% — 2667/2690). Having said that, we leave below 3 best PS2 emulators for Android.

NetherSX2: The only PS2 emulator for Android that continues to be updated and improved

The current best empire for playing PS2 titles on Android is NetherSX2. And this is nothing A new project that continues the work of AetherSX2Until recently, the best PS2 emulator for mobile phones was closed.

The original versions of NetherSX2 not only improve the performance of many games, but unlike the new version of AetherSX2, it is ad-free.

Now NetherSX2 is not available on Play Store. But don’t worry, below we will explain how to download and install NetherSX2 on your mobile.

From PCGo to the NetherSX2 GitHub and download the NetherSX2-builder.zip file (link).Once this zip file is downloaded, extract the “builder” folder. The next thing is to run the “build-nethersx2.bat” file. This will open a cmd window and two folders will start downloading.After a few minutes, look for the PatchedAPK folder and the NetherSX2 APK will be there. Finally, transfer the NetherSX2 APK to your mobile and run it to install it.

Download NetherSX2 GitHub

AetherSX2: It was the best PS2 emulator for Android, but unfortunately it has been discontinued.

Do Not Download Aethersx2

As we mentioned earlier, the developers of AetherSX2 left the project at the beginning of 2023. However, today the latest version (v1.5-4248) is available (v1.5-4248) which is still one of the best for playing PS2 titles on Android.

Also, recently an unofficial updated version of this emulator. This is AetherSX2 Turnip, the latest version (v1.5-4248) variant optimized for mobile phones with Snapdragon processors. We leave the download links for these versions below:

Download AetherSX2 Latest Version APK

Download AetherSX2 Turnip APK

PS PS2 PSP: An option available in the Play Store

Finally, we bring you one of the few Empires that can still be downloaded from the Play Store. It has acceptable performance and has not yet been accused of “cheating” (stealing code from other emulators) or spyware. We leave a drop-down box below:

Ps Ps2 Psp

And you… Which of these PlayStation 2 emulators will you try on your Android?

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