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Baseus USB-C Hub 10 in 1 and 6 in 1: review in Spanish

In the age of connectivity and efficiency, USB-C hubs have become a useless tool for anyone. If you don’t have one yet, we’ll take a look at two exciting options that promise to expand your device’s capabilities: the new 10-in-1 and 6-in-1 USB-C Hubs from the Baseus brand.

Both models offer a wide variety of ports and a very useful power/lock button for this type of gadget. They could be the perfect solution to your communication needs, so join us in this detailed analysis where we’ll evaluate their design, performance, and overall value to find out if they’re really worth it.

Baseus USB-C Hub 10 in 1 and 6 in 1: review in Spanish

Baseus Usb-C Hub 6 In 1 And 10 In 1 All Ports
All ports and differences of Baseus 10 in 1 and 6 in 1 USB-C interfaces

Baseus is a brand with a long history of manufacturing USB-C docking stations or hubs. Here we reviewed Baseus DockStation 6 in 1, Baseus DockStation 12 in 1 and Baseus 7 in 1 USB-C Hub. With these new models, the company continues its tradition of centers with high quality, useful features and fair prices. Let’s have a look at its technical sheet.


Baseus Hub USB-C 10 en 1

Baseus Hub USB-C 6 in 1

Material: Aluminum alloy body. Dimensions and weight: 14.5 x 5.3 x 1.6 cm. 170 grams 12.5 x 4.9 x 1.6 cm. 96g output USB-C with up to 85W power when using 100W PD fast charging protocol.Input2 x HDMI (4K at 60 Hz max.)2 x USB-A 2.0 (480 Mb/s)1 x USB-C charging (100W PD) 1 x USB-A 3.1 (10Gbps) 1 x USB-C Data (10GB/s) 1 x SD Card Reader (104 MB/s) 1 x Micro Card Reader SD (104 MB/s) 1 x RJ45 Ethernet (1000 Mbps) 1 x HDMI (4K at 60 Hz max) 1 x USB-C Charging (100W PD) 2 x USB-A 3.1 (10 Gbps) 1 x USB-C Data (10 Gbps) 1 x RJ45 Ethernet (1000Mbps). Additional screen lock key. Power off key. Compatible operating systems Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, Steam OS, Mac OS and more. Price €68.26 €36.99 Buy it here

Premium quality and comfortable design to take anywhere

The Baseus 10-in-1 and 6-in-1 USB-C Hubs are solidly built with a coated aluminum case. The ports feel solid and protective, as does the built-in USB-C cable with a braided cover. In short, they have a high quality build quality, which makes them more expensive than the competition.

Remember that these USB-C interfaces have no protection against water and dust, so they should be avoided from these agents. Also note that the USB-C cable is soldered to the body; If it is damaged, it cannot be easily removed or interrupted.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many hubs with detachable cables on the market yet, which is disappointing. It’s common for this cable to bend and fray over time with use, so the ability to remove it and connect another one I have seems to me to be a very useful feature for the useful life of these gadgets. Of course, the cords of these Baseus centers are reinforced at the joints and look very durable.

Both interfaces are compact and lightweight. They are practically the same width and thickness, but the 10 in 1 model is about 2 centimeters longer. Even so, both are convenient for me to carry anywhere: they don’t take up much space and won’t fit in any bag or pocket.

In terms of compatibility, they work with any device that has a USB-C port that supports all functions (charging, data transfer, and DP alternate mode functionality). That is, 100% of the latest iPhones, Android phones, Windows and Mac laptops, consoles like Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally, tablets, iPads, etc.

The only difference between these two models is the number of ports and the button

The Baseus USB-C Hub 10 in 1 and 6 in 1 are functionally identical. Just connect them to your devices using a USB-C cable and that’s it; Now you can use all ports. The only two differences between the two are the number of ports and the function of the button.

In the 10-in-1 model, the button is used to lock the connected PC (you have to tap it once on Windows and twice on Mac to bring up the lock screen). On the other hand, in the 6-in-1 model, the lock button only turns off the screen connected to the HDMI port (it does not lock the PC). It’s a subtle difference, but one you shouldn’t notice.

Usb-C Hub Baseus 10 In 1 Ports
Baseus 10 left side with 1 USB-C Hub

As for ports, the 10-in-1 model is as complete as you’d expect. For example, it has two HDMI ports that allow you to connect two external displays to a laptop. Its HDMI 1 port supports 4K/120 Hz resolution when used alone. If you use both HDMI ports at the same time, the resolution for each screen will be 4K/60Hz.

It is important to mention that there is no limit to the screen extension in Windows, but in Mac OS you cannot transfer more than one screen apart from the screen on the laptop, although you can connect two monitors. This is a system limitation that the USB-C hub doesn’t miss.

Hub Usb-C Baseus 10 En 1 Review
Right side of Baseus 10 with 1 USB-C Hub

The other Baseus 10 ports in 1 USB-C hub are two USB-A 2.0 ports used primarily for connecting peripheral devices (mouse, keyboard, controllers, etc.) and one USB-A 3.1 port for connecting storage drives and transferring files at speeds of up to 10 Gbps, up to 100 A USB-C charging port that supports WPD, USB-C data transfer, two microSD and SD card slots, and an RJ45 Ethernet input to connect your device to a network with up to 1 Gigabit speed.

In comparison, the Baseus 6-in-1 USB-C Hub has only one HDMI port, which lets you output to an external display at 4K resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate. It has two USB-A 3.1 ports (speeds up to 10 Gbps) so it doesn’t have slow USB-A ports. So, if you don’t have a lot of things to connect or your device has enough USB ports, this model might be more suitable for you.

Hub Usb-C Baseus 6 En 1 Review
Right side of Baseus 6 with 1 USB-C Hub

The 6-in-1 model also has a USB-C charging port (supports up to 100W PD) and a USB-C data port (up to 10Gbps). It also has an RJ45 Ethernet input for wired gigabit connectivity. In short, it’s practically identical to the 10-in-1 model, with just one HDMI port, one USB-A, and two fewer SD slots.

Usb-C Hub Baseus 6 In 1 Ports
Baseus 10 left side with 1 USB-C Hub

Neither of these two hubs have a display port or a 3.5mm jack, two connections. Many laptops these days don’t have a headphone jack and most modern monitors only benefit from a DisplayPort connection. But obviously, not everyone needs these ports.

Are the Baseus 10-in-1 and 6-in-1 USB-C Hubs Worth It?

The Baseus 10-in-1 and 6-in-1 USB-C Hubs are basic docking stations that work great with any type of device. They have ports to extend the screen, add more storage, connect peripherals, connect to wired internet or charge up to 85W! And they have a very useful lock/off button.

The price is higher than most USB-C hubs on the market for good reason: the aluminum build quality is premium and durable. So, if you don’t mind that they don’t have a 3.5mm jack or a DisplayPort and want a solid quality USB-C hub for your devices, these are two great options.

The 10-in-1 model costs €68.26 and the 6-in-1 model costs €36.99. However, they are usually sold at a lower price on Amazon. Use the following buttons to find the best price for what you’re looking for.

the best

The worst

Solid aluminum construction Compact and light HDMI ports for extending the screen USB 3.1 ports up to 10 GbpsNo 3.5 mm Jack or DisplayPort USB-C cable is not detachable

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