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Aura Craft: All Combinations and Recipes (2024)

Infinite Craft’s impact is already being felt in other games. In Roblox, the studio “Big Banana Games!” He created a clone of this game called Ora Craft where you can combine all kinds of elements to create new things. The cool thing about Aura Craft is that it creates an aura or animation around you based on the elements you create.

The goal of Aura Craft is to get all the auras, although we will tell you that some of them are very hard to get. We’ll show you right away how to make all Aura Craft combinations to date. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

List over 270 combinations for Aura Craft

If you want to unlock all the auras in Aura Craft, here we bring you the complete combination in the game. If you’re looking for how a particular aura works, you can tap and use your browser’s search tool. Ctrl + F (on PC) oh Three dots > Find on page (on phone) To find what you want quickly.

Water: One of the first elements Fire: One of the first elements Earth: One of the first elements Wind: One of the first elements Time: Only available after spending 1 minute in the game Time + Water Cryogen Time + Ice Glacier: Ice + Earth Dust: Earth + Wind Spirit: Dust + Fire Earthquake (Earthquake): Spirit + Earth Ice (Snow): Spirit + Ice Storm: Spirit + Wind Spit (Spout): Water + Tornado Magic (Magic: Spirit + Spirit Mysterious (Mystic): Magic + Time Shimmer (Shimmer): Magic + Wind Bubble: Magic + Water Ring: Magic + Fire Witch: Magic + Magic Storm: Spirit + Water Storm: Storm + Ice Storm Storm + Storm Tsunami: Storm + Water Rainbow: Storm + Spirit Flash: Rainbow + Radiant Power: Water + Dust Eternal Flame: Fire + Power Lightning: Power + Storm Plasma: Lightning + Lightning Plant: Earth + Water Tree: Plant + Plant Swamp: Tree + Water Nature: Tree + Energy Rose: Nature + Herbs Love: Rose + Rainbow Air (Air): Tree + Tree Cloud (Cloud): Air + Air Harmony (Harmony): Cloud + Rainbow Peace (Tranquility): Harmony + Harmony Sky (Sky): Air + Wind Night (Night): Sky + Time Twilight: Sky + Night Sun: Sky + Energy Space: Sky + Sky Dark Matter: Space + Time Gravity: Space + Energy Aurora Borealis (Aurora Borealis). Space + Spirit Star: Earth + Space Solar Wind: Star + Wind Supernova: Gravity + Star North Star: Star + Aurora Borealis Starlight: Star + Magic Planet: Earth + Star Galaxy: Void + Space Vortex: Galaxy + Earth Portal: Vortex + Magic Ender: Portal + Magic Rift: Portal + Wind Black Hole: Space + Vortex Void (Void): Time + Black Hole Life (Life): Plant + Time Fairy (Fairy): Life + Magic Butterfly (Butterfly): Life + Nature Firefly (Firefly): Life + Star Nebula: Life + Gravity Science (Science: Life + Space Rocket: Science + Space Technology: Science + Energy Frostbite: Life + Blizzard Trident: Life + Tsunami Daisy: Life + Pink Goddess: Life + Sky Apollo (Apollo): God + Star Zeus: God + Lightning Kings (Kings): God + Life Paradise (Sky): God + Sky Poseidon: God + Trident Angel: God + Time Zenith (Zenith): Life + Light of Life (Beacon): Zenith + Starlight Ai (Artificial Intelligence): Zenith + Technological Power (Power): Life + Energy Super: Power + Energy Superpower (Superpower): Super + Life Jedi: Superpower + Space Divine (Divine) : Angel + Power Waterfall: Water + Power Courage: Power + Power Stressful: Courage + Time Ray: Courage + Power Euphoria: Ray + Power Inspiration: Time + Power Unity: Life + Power Hypnotic: Life + Rainbow Phoenix: Life + Fire Dragon: Phoenix + Power Aquatic: Life + Water Mermaid: Water + Life Yin Yang: Water + Fire Monk: Yang + Water Buddha: Power + Monk Moses: Buddha + Rainbow Ninja: Fire + Monk Speed: Ninja + Wind Demon: Ninja + Fire Fury:: Demon + Energy Itadori: Fury + Witch Ko: Fury + Ninja Flower: Ninja + Plant Silence: Air + Monk Zen: Quiet + Ninja Wind: Calm + Air Sleep: Time + Monk Silence: Sleep + Calm Equality: Calm + Calm Third Eye Rainbow + Monk Dream: Sleep + Time Rng: Yin Yang + Time Luck: Rng + Life VIP: Can be bought with Robux in the store Crimson King: Fire + VIP Royal Power: Life + VIP Knight: Royal Power + VIP Crown: Knight + VIP Infinite (Infinity): Time + Time Emperor: Infinite + Crown Ares: Knight + God Wildfire: Fire + Fire Lava: Fire + Earth Volcano: Lava + Earth Geyser: Volcano + Water Magma : Lava + Lava Eruption: Magma + Geyser Crust: Eruption + Earth Abundant: Infinite + Monk Vision: Infinite + God Cryptic (Cryptic): Vision + Hypnotic Relativity: Vision + Gravity Source (Spring): Infinite + Flower Flower: Spring + Rainbow Freedom: Spring + Mystery of Life: Infinite + Infinite Wonder: Mystery + Life Deception: Mystery + Wonder Infinite Vortex: Vortex + Infinite Future (Future): Time + Infinite Omniscient (Omnipotent): Future + God Past (Past ): Future + Fantastic Karma: Future + Past Eternal (Eternal): Energy + Infinite Rhythm (Rhythm): Rng + Infinite Harp (Harpa): Rhythm + Zen Dubstep: Rhythm + Power Hip Hop: Rhythm + Speed ​​Beat (Rhythm ): Rhythm + Love Crab (Crab): Rhythm + Underwater Funk: Rhythm + Forward Synth Wave: Rhythm + Technology Tektronic: Synth Wave + Speed ​​Fermotics (Fermotics): Synthwave + Plasma Stone (Stone): Earth + Earth Magnetic (Magnetic ): Stone + Gravity Moon (Luna): Stone + Night Alien: Moon + Rocket Ufo (UFO): Alien + Rocket Metal: Stone + Fire Robot: Metal + Life Platinum (Platinum): Metal + Power Tesla: Metal + Lightning Coal (Coal): Stone + Rock Gold (Gold): Coal + Water Best: Gold + Harmony Pearl (Pearl): Coal + Coal Ruby (Ruby): Pearl + Love Treasure: Pearl + Stone Vibration: Pearl + Earth Perfection Gem + Balance of Time: Perfection + Monk Geometry: Balance + Unity Chemistry: Geometry + Science Prism: Perfection + Third Eye Emerald: Gem + Luke Quartz: Stone + Rainbow Sand: Dust + Stone Sandstorm (Sandstorm): Sand + Energy Desert (Desert): Sand + Sand Sphinx: Desert + Geometry Meteor: Stone + Space Meteor Shower: Meteor + Meteor Ocean: Water + Water Sadness: Can be purchased from Rare Auras Shop by coins only. The probability of getting it is 80%. Cycle: Can be purchased with coins from the Rare Auras shop. The probability of getting it is 18%. Pure: Can be bought with coins from the Rare Auras shop. The chance of getting it is 2%. Hacks: Can be bought with coins from the Rare Auras shop. The probability of getting it is 0.05%. Contrast: Cycle + Equinox Quasar: Pure + Galaxy Singularity: Quasar + Infinite Swirl Eclipse: Cycle + Space Rain: Tragedy + Cloud Joy: Tragedy + Cycle Yoda: Joy + Jedi Death: Life + Cycle Necromancer: Death + Power Chain: Death + Freedom Amber: Death + Pearl Heartbreak: Death + Love Darkness: Death + Emptiness Hidden: Darkness + Deception Shadow (Shadow): Darkness + Starlight Boss (Boss): Darkness + Power Supreme (Supreme): Boss + Power Luxury ( Luxury): High + High Wealth (Wealth): Boss + Gold Brook: Wealth + Cycle Cursed (Cursed): Dark + Dark Journey: Cursed + Technology Nob: Troll + Tragedy Mlg: Nob + Big Bang Giga: Nob + Divine Drought ( Drought) Death + Desert Hell (Hell): Death + Wrath Devil (Diablo): Death + God Controller: Devil + Super Dart: Supervillain + Jedi Sith: Dart + Reaper: Devil + Revenge of Life: Reaper + Life Revenge: Revenge + Wrath Apex: Revenge + Life Macabre (Macabre): Reaper + Reaper Chaos (Chaos): Unity + Death Doom (Doom): Chaos + Reaper Apocalypse (Apocalypse): Doom + Doom Sinner (Avenger): Doom + Life Bandit (Bandit) : Sinner + Underwater Evil (Evil)): Sinner + Time Toxic (Toxic): Death + Fire Radioactive (Radioactive): Toxic + Energy Explosive (Explosive): Radioactive + Plasma Big Bang: Explosive + Space Adrenaline (Adrenaline): Explosive + Life Hyper (Hyper): Adrenaline + Speed ​​Awesome: Hyper + Joy Tacos: Awesome + Rain Party: Adrenaline + Funk Disco: Party + Energy Nuclear: Radioactive + Explosive Fission: Nuclear + Supernova Plague: Toxic + Life Legacy (Viewer): Death + Ghost Nightmare: Death + Sleep Medusa: Nightmare + God Raven: Death + Life Peace: Raven + Harmony Phantom: Peace + Death Dark Angel: Phantom + Dark Watcher: Phantom + Life Rogue: Phantom + Phantom Tomb: Rogue + Earth Werewolf : Death + Cycle Bat Find it by crossing to the other side of the bridge from where you started and entering the tunnel to the right of the waterfall. Batman: Bat + Super Hero Joker: Batman + Sinister Challen: Cross to the other side of the bridge from where you started and climb to the top of the hill where the waterfall is. If you can’t, gather three friends and jump over the others’ heads to reach the top of the hill. Bright: can be bought with robux in the store. Cosmic: can be bought with robux in the store. Jackpot: Can be bought with robux in the store. ???: Can be bought with robux in the store. Fear: Darkness + Illusion Darkness: Darkness + Eternal Comfort: Sky + Star Zodiac: Comfort + Omniscience Dutch: Cruel + Pirate Tropical: Sand + Ocean Only): Unlocks all other items.

We’ll update this list as the game developers add more auras, so save this page in your browser to visit it later.

The Combination of All Aura Crafts in Roblox was originally published on Androidphoria.

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