Apple Admits That Iphones Receive Fewer Updates Than Android

Apple admits that iPhones receive fewer updates than Android

The battle between the iPhone and (high-end) Android phones is getting closer and closer. And in recent years, the iPhone is losing its most popular features: they left the lightning port to accept Android USB-C, they no longer have the best camera on the market and they don’t have the best powerful processor.

And now it has been proven that they are not very old mobile phones. That’s right, Apple itself claims years of support for its smartphones and that it’s no better than the best Android on the market.

Apple admits that iPhones receive fewer updates than Android

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Historically, iPhones have been the mobile phones with the most system updates. And, although Apple doesn’t clearly specify the number of years of support for its phones, we’re used to seeing iPhones receive significant updates every 5 to 6 years, around six iOS versions.

Now, a new PSTI (Telecommunications Products Safety and Infrastructure Act) regulation has come into effect in the UK, forcing Apple to announce years of support for the phone. This is how the brand published an official document on the iPhone 15 update.

In it, Apple admits that the iPhone 15 will have 5 years of major updates. The said support will start from the first day of availability of these phones in the United Kingdom, i.e. from September 22, 2023. But this will be only a very low amount and the support can last for a long time.

In any case, Apple has publicly admitted that iPhones have fewer years of updates than Android. Let’s remember that the most important flagships in the world of Android have set new records for years.

The new Google Pixel 8 and Samsung Galaxy S24 series guarantee up to 7 years of system updates. Indeed, Google offers this multi-year support not only on its most expensive phones, but also on its latest, most affordable mid-range phone: the Pixel 8a.

To be honest, only the Google Pixel 8 and Samsung Galaxy S24 have more years of updates than the iPhone. Even Android phone brands like OnePlus have spoken out against 7-year updates for high-end mobile phones.

And you… thought iPhones continued to outpace Android phones in terms of system updates?

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