Android 15 No Permitirá Instalar Apps De Android 6 O Anteriores

Android 15 does not allow you to install apps from Android 6 or earlier.

Android continues to grow and develop new features that bring exciting features to the operating system. Android 14 is in place, and now it’s gearing up to release Android 15, which is actually under development right now.

This does not prevent the update that the company is preparing to come to light, even if it is in the pipeline. Android 15 also seems to bring widgets to the lock screen in addition to making sure to improve mobile security with every update. And Android 6 or earlier apps seem no longer viable for devices that jump to the newer version.

Android 15 prevents the installation of applications from Android 6 or earlier versions

Android 15 Does Not Allow You To Install Apps From Android 6 Or Earlier.

From Android Headlines comes the surprising detail that Android 15 won’t let you install apps made for older versions of Android. Especially since Android 6. It is easy to find out the reason. As the applications get older, the security measures implemented become less, which represents a threat to the devices.

This starts from the premise that the security systems in every Android have been strengthened or updated against the latest types of attacks by cybercriminals. Android 14, for example, does not allow installing apps from Android 5 or earlier versions. With Android 15 being the next successor, it’s no surprise that the measures are a bit stricter and the requirements are a bit higher.

Either way, the issue will put app developers on hold one way or the other. They must work to update their virtual developments. Android’s decision is logical and consistent with the fact that we are always moving towards updated, secure systems so that we can continue to manage our mobile phones without any worries.

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