Estas Aplicaciones No Son Tan Buenas En Android En Comparación Con Los Que Usan El Iphone

7 apps and games that work worse on Android than iPhone

Google and Apple are in a perpetual battle to see who can provide their users with the best in hardware and software. Unless one of the two companies closes, it’s not going to stop. Competitiveness helps customers win because it helps ensure that services are always as good as possible. But what if the iPhone is increasing in the app space?

A post on Reddit sparked curiosity about which apps performed worse on Android compared to iPhone. And some apps (and even games) seem to be wasted on Android phones, running much better than iPhones or having more features in the user experience.

Are you interested in knowing what they are and why they are worse on Android than iPhone? Well, compared to the functions in the iPhone, we will tell you about them and what may be missing in Android. get started.

X (Twitter), with less FPS when uploading videos on Android

These Apps Are Not As Good On Android As Compared To Iphone Users

The application formerly known as Twitter is one of the most used social networks, despite everything. And yet, iPhone has functions that Android lacks, which makes the user experience better. The most important point is to be able to upload videos at 60 FPS from iPhone, which is limited to 30 FPS on Android.

Another feature on the iPhone is automatic citation preview when you post a link while writing a post. On Android, the link generally only appears until you publish the tweet, and that’s when it turns into a quote. Not to mention being able to perform quick actions or activate the preview by simply grabbing a tweet. Android takes less power from the X than the iPhone gets.


TikTok, where the difference in the quality of videos can be seen

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Android vs iPhone Tiktok Quality #androidtiktok #iphonetiktok #techtiktok

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Another app that is more popular on Android than iPhone is TikTok. You may have heard before that uploading videos from iPhone to TikTok is better because iOS devices allow you to upload videos up to 287.6 MB.

It’s a different story on Android as the maximum capacity doesn’t reach 72MB. For many, it is the reason why you can upload videos better than iPhone. The best features usually come last for iPhones and Android, in this case; A clear example was the first dark mode on Apple phones.

Tiktok: Videos, Lives, Music

Tiktok: Much More Than Videos

Duolingo, with big differences between different platforms

Apps And Games That Work Worse On Android Than On Iphone

Duolingo has been able to spark discussion topics on forums like Reddit about its cross-platform functionality. User complaints indicate that the desktop version is superior, with a greater number of functions. After that, the iPhone comes with features you won’t see on Android, such as the ability to drag words when trying to type in the language you’re learning.

Some users point out other differences, such as the presence of a list of learned words on the iPhone, or animations with special movements when loading images, which are often not visible on Android.

Duolingo: Learn Languages
Duolingo - Learn Languages

Genshin Impact, with the highest number of FPS on iPhone 15

Genshin Impact Works On Android Instead Of Iphone

To take advantage of Apple’s current popularity, the company has managed to improve the frames per second in Genesis Impact, reaching up to 120 FPS when playing from the iPhone 15. Compared to this, Android (and even the PC version) is short, only up to 60 FPS. The gaming experience in Genshin Impact is different from the iPhone, which again gives an advantage to Google and its products.

Genshin Effect
Genshin Effect

Snapchat, an application intended for the iPhone from the beginning

'Snapchat On Iphone

The user experience on Snapchat is better on the iPhone, and for good reason. After all, this app was originally developed for use with this particular mobile brand. It is after the expansion of Android that Snapchat has also started providing updates and improvements in the app for all mobile phones with this operating system.


Sky: Children of Light, another game optimized for everything on the iPhone

Skye is a game that many people love because of its animation fluidity, open world and character design, warm and peaceful. It’s not for nothing that it’s one of the best relaxing games on Android… but it’s even more impactful on iPhone.

In terms of graphics quality and precision of controls, iPhone stands out, the user experience is better compared to Android. In addition, it allows you to turn off the music easily. That’s not to say it’s terrible on Android, but it still has a ways to go to catch up.

Heaven: Children Of Light
Heaven: Children Of Light

Microsoft OneNote shows a noticeable difference between Android and iPhone

Onenote Is Not Iphone.

Microsoft’s version of OneNote also pales in comparison to the iPhone version, in terms of functionality, tools, and screen space distribution. Because it’s easier for Microsoft developers to configure the app for a specific line of smart devices, the consistency Android offers across devices has an impact, with hundreds of models and brands. .

Microsoft Onenote: Save Notes
Microsoft Onenote

Fortunately, in most cases, the fact that some apps perform worse on Android compared to iPhone doesn’t mean you’re missing out on an unparalleled user experience. The differences are limited to the presence of certain functions or details in the quality of games, which tries to go one step further than the iPhone.

Have you already noticed the difference between these apps when you open them on Android and iPhone?

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