5 Buscadores Con Ia Que Pueden Reemplazar A Google

5 search engines that can replace Google with AI

Although the Google search engine remains the primary source of information for many, it is not the absolute master of the topics. In fact, now in the form of AI, many other search engines have improved, showing a new way to find information of interest without visiting many websites.

Previously, some search engines similar to Google have decided to turn 180 degrees, leaving all the work to artificial intelligence. So when you ask them a question, if you want to read more about the topic, you will receive accurate information with reference links at the end. The point is that the core of the question is always answered verbally, which is good.

Below, we present 5 search engines with AI if you want to try searching for what you want or need in a different way.

You.com, an AI powered search engine with a friendly interface


You.com was one of those who dared to completely change the way the search engine was used by switching to use its own AI. The interface is extremely simple, so it is friendly and easy to use. Just type what you want to know into the message box and you’ll receive an AI-generated response, which leaves reference links at the end if you want to see where it came from.

By subscribing to the premium version, you can improve the quality of the results by making the search engine rely on other technologies such as GPT-4.

link | You.com

Gemini, Google’s chat AI

Gemini De Google

The traditional Google search engine is not the same as using AI in public speaking. Gemini can give you more accurate answers and you can use all the search methods you use on Google: with images, for example, and by activating the microphone to talk to it.

You’ll need to use your Gmail account to sign in, which will somewhat help the AI ​​adjust itself to your preferences.

link | Gemini

Confused AI, Functional AI

Confusion Ai

Perplexity AI is a great option for finding answers without having to search too much. To increase the quality and richness of the responses, this search engine can be viewed using one language model or several. For the latter, it is necessary to register for the Pro plan, which offers several advantages: the ability to choose between different AI models such as GPT-4, Claude 3 or Perplexity, an unlimited number of searches, or the ability or ability to add images. Other files give the AI ​​more context for what you’re looking for.

enter | Confusion AI

Copilot, Microsoft’s AI command


Copilot is an AI designed by Microsoft to assist users on computers with this operating system. But you can find it from any browser like search engine. It lends itself to all kinds of activities and searches: simple questions, doubts about programs, image generation or planning.

enter | Pilot

For example, an AI search engine that stands for accuracy

For Example, Ia

Finally, Exa is another interesting option, it is a search engine with AI, according to the company behind it, it is designed to give the right answer to the question you ask. This is basically to satisfy your curiosity or knowledge. But that’s not all, because it will provide you with a lot of other relevant information that will lead you to a site where you can expand on the topic.

link | Example

And you, which of these AI search engines do you use?

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