5 Games Similar To Tsuki'S Odyssey For Android

5 games similar to Tsuki’s Odyssey for Android

Tuki’s Odyssey is a contemporary phenomenon. A calm and relaxing game that has grown in popularity from one moment to the next. If you are one of those who fell for the charm of this game, you will want to know that there are similar options.

In support of all Tsuki fans, we have prepared several useful articles on your journey to rebuild the tree house. Of all the promo codes in action, as the fastest way to get unlimited carrots. Right now, we offer a place where you can find 5 games similar to Tsuki’s Odyssey.

Resortpia, a resort that challenges to be the best.


In Risorpia, you don’t have to take care of a house, but instead an old and abandoned resort, shines as bright as possible. You’ll be the manager of the resort, helping Udon grow his business by decorating, optimizing, and providing spaces for guests to enjoy.

Rizorpia is a great option for those who love resource management games with a calm and relaxed feel.


Window garden, a colorful game for decorating windows

Another relaxing and beautiful way to spend leisure time is to decorate windows. A window garden is completely based on this, taking the idea of ​​growing different types of plants in pots, go to the windows of the imaginary house. In this way they improve it and make it grow. The most amazing thing is that you can go through the whole process of seeing, birthing and growing, caring for and even giving names to each plant.

Window Garden - Loofi Idle Game

A rainy attic room, a game of healing and tranquility

In this game, you have to not only rebuild the house, but also help the main character to find himself again. Rainy Attic Room is highlighted by his excellent choice of soundtrack, as well as how fun it is to build trust with the main character as you help him find a home again (which starts out in a stressful situation).

Rainy Roof Room

A small tower, an endless skyscraper

Another pixelated design and build prospect, as well as a miniature tower with unlimited room decoration, you can build a skyscraper with unlimited floors. When you open a new apartment, you can choose your own style and theme by combining the apartments with bars, clubs, shops, rooms, as well as uptown.

Tiny Tower: Life In Pixels

Dear My Cat, Charismatic Cat Village

There are other games based on the same thing, like Tookie’s Little Town where you see lots of animals living together. Dear My Cat is one of them, focusing on the daily life of cats living in a villa specially designed for their breed. It’s a fun topic where you contemplate the relaxing habits of these charismatic animals, helping them improve their space.

Dear My Cat

And which of these games would you like to try?

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