5 Best Ai To Solve Math Problems For Free (2024)

5 Best AI to Solve Math Problems for Free (2024)

A while ago, when AIs were still popular with the general public, there was a lot of skepticism about their performance, we told you that ChatGPT is bad for math. Of course, that has changed, artificial intelligence has grown exponentially in record time, and that’s why today we bring you 5 AIs to solve math problems for free.

These programs are designed to adapt to the math, calculus or algebra problems you present. Of course, these AIs should only be used as a tool to learn and verify your results, not as an easy way to do your homework without doing anything. Remember that you use this type of technology very responsibly.

Microsoft MathSolver, the pioneering AI in mathematics

Microsoft Matrix Solution

The first option on this list is the oldest AIs created specifically to solve calculus, algebra and other mathematical problems, its name is Microsoft MathSolver. This AI will show you step-by-step problem solving, for free. In addition, it allows you to take challenges and solve similar problems to help you improve performance.

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Microsoft Math Solver
Microsoft Math Solver

As such, AI is dedicated to helping you

Like That.

Titawiz is a great option for finding results for math problems, because this AI gives you a free step-by-step guide so you know how to solve your equations. All you have to do is enter the problem or you can take a picture of the equation and the AI ​​will start solving it.

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Julius, the AI ​​and math community is ready to support you.

Julius Ai

Julius is a free AI that, step by step, will accurately solve any math problem you present. And the best part about this AI is that there is also a forum on the site where you can talk to many people who may be facing the same problems as you. That is, AI is going to help you with your math problems, but the human touch will also be there.

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Julius Ai
Julius Ai: Data And Math Assistant

Symbolab, a tool for students and teachers


Symbolab is a special AI for math lovers, because it is not only an AI that can solve various math problems correctly, but it also has many additional functions. For example, Symbolab provides you with problems and tests similar to the ones you shared, has a digital notebook to keep track of your equations, and can be used as a virtual classroom for teaching classes.

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Symbolab - Solver
Symbol: Math Solving App

WolframAlpha, a good option for quick answers

Wolfram Alpha

If you are interested in checking the results of an equation quickly and easily, we recommend using the free version of WolframAlpha. This allows you to see the results of the vast majority of math problems that the AI ​​presents to it, however, that’s all you can see without paying. If you want to see it step by step, you must have a subscription to the service.

Visitor | WolframAlpha

Wolfram Alpha

That’s it with our list of the 5 best AIs to solve math problems for free. We hope you like them and find these tools very helpful in your process of learning more about math. If you have any questions let us know in the comments section so we can help you out.

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