Los Mejores Gestores De Archivos Sin Publicidad Para Android

5 Best Ad-Free File Managers for Android (2024)

The file manager that comes with Android phones by default is often not the best. And it’s common for brands to set access restrictions for file management and certain folders (like OBB and Data).

Well, if you’re looking for a file manager for your Android without invasive ads, you’ve come to the right place. Below we present the 5 best ad-free file managers for Android phones.

The best ad-free file managers for Android 5

There are many excellent file managers in the Play Store. However, most of these free apps have ads that spoil the experience of using them. But don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the 5 best ad-free ones below.

Cx file browser

Cx File Explorer Is The Best File Manager For Android Without Ads

This is one of the best free file managers with no ads. And Cx File Explorer has been in the Play Store for over 5 years and has never had an ad. In addition, it has all the tools you need in a file manager: to move files, extract compressed files, recycle bin, gallery, store data, etc.

Cx File Browser

Google files

Google Files

If your phone already has the Google Files app installed, you don’t need to keep looking for a manager. And if you haven’t, take the opportunity to download it… Why? Well, because Google’s official file manager is ad-free and one of the best apps of its kind. With it, you can manage your files, make backup copies and it is one of the best ways to organize the files in the category system.

Google Files

FX file browser

Fx File Explorer Is An Ad-Free And Official File Manager For Android

If we talk about file managers without notice, we can’t mention FX File Explorer. And this application is one of the most historic in this sector: it has been in the Play Store for more than 10 years without showing a single ad. That’s right, in 2010 Since its launch in 2011, this free app offers everything you need in a file manager without showing ads.

Fx File Browser

General Commander

General Commander

Although the interface isn’t the friendliest, Total Commander File Manager is available for free and has no ads (except for a link on the home screen that recommends other apps). And best of all, it’s the easiest and one of the fastest when it comes to moving files.

General Commander


Zarchiver Is An Ad-Free File Manager

ZArchiver is gaining popularity among free file managers for Android as it allows you to access many folders hidden by the system. But what many people don’t know yet is that this app is free of ads and commercials, so we invite you to download it from the link below.


And you… Which of these ad-free file managers will you download to your mobile?

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