3 Ways To Install Android Games On Pc: 2024 Guide

3 Ways to Install Android Games on PC: 2024 Guide

If Windows games can be played on Android, then it wouldn’t be strange to think that Android titles can also be played on PC, wouldn’t it? This is something that has been done for years, even long before the appearance of PC games on mobile phones. the best? Better optimization and user-friendly options over time.

Unlike before, you no longer need to have a lot of technical knowledge to enjoy Android games on PC. Applications that do this have very intuitive interfaces and their performance is getting better and better. However, if you’re one of those people who’s always looking for the best option, you’ve come to the right place. We present you three best ways to install Android games on PC.

Google Play Games: The official Google alternative

Play Android Games With Google Play Games On Pc

He has been leading developers in emulating Android games on computers for many years. However, it seems Google got fed up, realized there was a potential market out there and decided to launch their own app.

Google Play Games is the official option to enjoy Android games on PC and its performance is very good even though it is in beta stage (2024). It provides full compatibility with the application Mouse, keyboard and controllers, library and shared storage between platformsImage editing and very convenient interface.

Play Android Games With Google Play Games On Pc

The only problems are that it doesn’t have all the games in Play Store for Android and it also doesn’t allow you to install APK packages. However, the catalog is wide enough; The most popular titles are almost always available And there are many and many. How is it installed? in order to –

Download Google Play Games for Windows from the official website. Install Google Play Games on your computer (it’s easy to install). Open the app and sign in with your Google account. Use the search engine to find the game you want. Download the game, install and enjoy.

Play Android Games On Pc With Google Play Games4

By the way, don’t forget that it is in beta stage and you may be banned from using it in your country. If it happens to you, just rely on a VPN to bypass this limitation.

Gameloop: An emulator for Android games from Tencent, the queen of mobile gaming

Download Android Games On Pc With Gameloop 2

Tencent Games is one of the largest companies in the world of video games and is responsible (in whole or in part) for COD: Mobile, PUBG: Mobile, Clash Royale, LOL: Wild Rift and more.

Tencent controls a good part of the mobile gaming market and many users know that they enjoy these titles on their computers using emulators. Thus, Gameloop was born, its own game adapter for Android on PC.

Install Android Games On Pc With Gameloop 3

This emulator is specially optimized for the company’s video games, so you will get better performance in them. however, It also supports tons of additional games Not from Tencent.

Its catalog is more than Google Play games, although not all of them are in the Play Store; Its interface is very convenient, because it works like a store; You don’t need to be logged in to play, although you can unlock some additional features (such as saving games to your account). It has customizable controls for your games; And it works even on low computers.

Download Android Games On Pc With Gameloop 4

And as if all that wasn’t enough, Gameloop allows you to install APK files locally. You can do this by running the APK or using the emulator’s file browser. Here’s how to install it:

Download Gameloop from the official website. Install Gameloop on your computer. Open the app and search for the game you want to play. Download and install the game you want to use. After installing the game, open it and enjoy.

BlueStacks: The most popular Android emulator for PC is also one of the best.

Install Android Games On Pc With Bluestacks 1

We won’t deny it, we had a hard time deciding between BlueStacks and LDPlayer to cover this platform. Both perform very well and their compatibility is great. Additionally, they support manual installation of APK files, are compatible with the Play Store (and its titles), and more. in order to, Choosing one or the other depends on the gameBut there is one fact: BlueStacks is better optimized and therefore beats the competitor.

BlueStacks has been in the market for years and is the absolute leader among Android emulators for playing on PC. At the time of writing this article, you were on version 5 of the application, which is more and more refined with each update. As we said earlier. The performance is excellent and the catalog is extremely extensive.In addition to having full support for monitors, mice and keyboards.

Download Android Games With Bluestacks 2

As a side note, there is also BlueStacks X, which is not the newest version of the emulator. This app is like GeForce Now for mobile games, because you can stream your favorite titles.

So BlueStacks X is a great option if you have a low resource computer because you only need a good internet connection to play. Be careful, BlueStacks X is not perfect, it still has a lot to improve, but it is an option that cannot be ignored. How to install BlueStacks 5? As easy as any other option on this list.

Install Android Games On Pc With Bluestacks 4

Download BlueStacks 5 from the official website. Install BlueStacks on your computer. Open the app and go to the application store. If you use App Center, you don’t need to sign in (few games). If you use Play Store, you need to sign in with your Google account. You can download and install it.

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