12 Best Free Games For Android

12 best free games for Android

It’s frustrating when you want to have a good time with a game and it asks you for real money to advance the story or win games. It is not something strange for the players, in this way the studios can make invoices, but in any case, it is still boring.

If you’re a free-to-play gamer (who doesn’t spend money on games for anything in the world) and you want to have fun without worrying about how much you have in your wallet, don’t worry, because in the sea of ​​Android video games, there are many titles for which you don’t have to pay a single euro. Let’s leave the ones listed here, give them a chance!

Vampire Survivors, a roguelike classic

Vampire Survivors is a survival role-playing game where you don’t have to pay anything to win (where strategy is paramount). The only payment is a little more content in the game, which is optional anyway.

Vampire Survivors

Arknights, an acclaimed gacha for strategy

The same thing happens with Arknights, where you can continue through the story by assembling parts for free. You just have to collect everything you need to improve your characters. By holding a lottery, you rely partly on luck to find high-value and powerful units that are accessible without having to pay.


Chance/large order, being a “whale” is optional.

Destiny Grand Order Game

The story and events in Fate/Grand Order do not require money to play through to the end. If you create a new account, you will get free benefits to access and upgrade your servers so you know their history.

Lot/Large Order (English)

Super Auto pets, friendly and fun

Super Auto Pets is a more casual game where you collect a team of animals that improve when you face other teams made by real players. It is not necessary to pay anything to have an action group, and you can entertain yourself with short games.

Super Car Pets

Girl Frontline, where you build a team of armed girls

If you like strategy with female characters and guns, you’ll love this. Again, you rely on luck to find powerful units, but you can still get your hands on practical tools to advance by collecting resources for free.

Women'S Front Line

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic, a remake of the beloved classic

For fans of previous Sonic games, this title will be a chance to relive the nostalgia without the hurdle of higher fees. Play again with your favorite Sonic characters, compared to the original and without errors.

Sonic The Hedgehog™ Classic

Brawl Stars, a fun battle royale

Player vs. If you like games, this is another fun option. Player. You don’t need to pay anything to have powerful characters in Brawls Stars. You can choose from many types and face others, each with different abilities. It’s worth a try.

Brawl Stars

Master of War – Foces of Eo, a card game of war

Medieval combat style is combined with fantasy creatures and card system in this title. You don’t need to pay to get powerful cards, and you can fight with artificial intelligence, other players or friends connected to the same network.

Master Of War - The Forces Of Eo

Guardian tales, a little adventure

If you like different varieties, you can try this option. It’s a game where you solve puzzles, explore dungeons, or battle other players. The characters are lovable and will help you have a good time without worrying about the health of your wallet.

Guardian Tales

A farming RPG, it only cares about what you sow

If you like property management games, this one is pretty easy. As a farm owner, your task is to make it grow, develop, harvest, sell and work and feel like a real farmer.

Farming Rpg

Data Wing, with incredible design and soundtrack

If video games appeal to you with graphics and music, you can’t miss Data Wing. This game is a racing game with a unique style. You’ll find challenging neon tracks with an amazing story that earned it a solid 4.9 star rating on the Play Store.

Data Wing

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, with an easy-to-play story mode

Ff Vii Ever Crisis Para Android

If you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy VII franchise, you can’t miss the mobile game that features the game’s stories. Although it offers paid reward packages, this title doesn’t require anything from you to advance the story. In fact, recently, the developers have lowered the difficulty level in the story mode so that everyone can enjoy it.

Final Fantasy Vii Is Always A Crisis

And you, which of these games will you try?

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