Newpipe Doesn'T Work: Youtube Has Seriously Damaged The App, But It Will Come Back

NewPipe doesn’t work: YouTube has seriously damaged the app, but it will come back

For more than a day, the comment forums are filled with complaints and news about Newpipe. Basically, the app has stopped working for some reason. Reddit has a full discussion about the issue, making it clear that the problem is global and affects all users.

Newpipe developers are not slow to provide explanations as they already know what happened and are currently working to fix the situation. If NewPipe isn’t working on your devices, we’ll briefly explain what’s going on and what you can do to fix it.

Newpipe does not work: causes and solutions

Newpipe Does Not Work

The explanation given by the creators of Newpipe from Reddit is full of programming related techniques, so we will translate it in a simple way so that everyone can understand it. Basically, YouTube has done its job. Through a series of changes implemented in their players, apps that stream their content for free, such as NewPipe, will no longer be able to access and then play the content.

Which, of course, brings us to the problem of Newpipe not working. The change is recent, and for the time being, Newpipe developers are looking for alternative solutions that will allow them to rework the application. Meanwhile, it’s not possible to play content in the app unless it’s live. In the latter case, users should be able to see it without issue unless they get an error when verifying that they are not a bot.

When the error in NewPipe is resolved, there is no choice but to select other options. Among the most recommended apps, YouTube ReVanced and YouTube ReVanced Extended are always first. There are other third-party apps that continue to work for watching YouTube, so the options aren’t as limited. No doubt, NewPipe is considered the best option, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of YouTube can’t bring you the same content without annoying ads and restrictions.

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