How To Advance Or Delay Subtitles In Stremio

How to advance or delay subtitles in Stremio

If you can find free time during the day and you decide to use that space by watching your favorite series or the latest movie released on streaming platforms. Well, if you use Stremio to enjoy that content, you might encounter one of the worst problems plaguing this app.

This problem, which is very frequent, is an involuntary delay or development of the subtitles. Considering that Stremio is only a video player, errors related to subtitles are not related to the application in question, so in many cases there is no solution.

The easiest thing is to search for other subtitles through plugins or external websites, although there are times when there are no other subtitles for a certain series or a certain movie.

In these types of cases it is good to advance or delay subtitles through Stremio’s integrated function. If you’ve never used it, you’re in the right place! We’ll show you how to access the subtitles to sync with the audio of the series or movie you’re watching.

How to advance or delay subtitles in Stremio?

It is important to clarify that Stremio is available on mobile devices as well as on PCs and Smart TVs, so you cannot follow the same tutorial to advance or delay subtitles on all these devices.

Depending on where you use the app, the tutorial will be very different, so when watching movies or series on Stremio, you should follow the step-by-step guide that matches the device you’re using.

Fast forward from your mobile or slow down subtitles in Stremio

Play A Movie Or Series On Stremio Mobile

Open the Stremio app. Play the series or movie you want to watch.

Stremio Android Subtitles Settings

After selecting Spanish subtitles, you must click again on the “Subtitles” section.

Delay Or Advance Stremio Android Subtitles

A menu will appear with several options. You should focus your attention on the “late” part. From there, you can delay or annotate the subtitles to match the audio of the content.

Fast forward or backward subtitles from your PC in Stremio

In this case, Stremio does not allow you to forward or reverse the subtitles from the player itself. To perform this task, you need to download the VLC application on your computer. If you have already installed it, you should follow these steps:

Play A Series Or Movie On Stremio.

First you need to open Stremio app from your PC and once you login to Stremio you need to play the series or movie you want to watch.

View Stremio In Vlc

Click on the three small vertical dots, a menu will appear with several options, click “View in VLC”.

Fast Forward Or Slow Down Stremio Subtitles With Vlc

You can advance or reverse the subtitles with the “G” and “H” keys on your keyboard from the specified player.

Fast forward from your smart TV or reduce subtitles on Stremio

Play Content On Strmeio From The Tv

Open the Stremio app from your TV.Play the series or movie you want to watch.

Subtitle Adjustments For Stremio Smart Tv

Click on the “Subtitles” icon (located in the lower left corner of the screen).

Sync Subtitles Stremio Smart Tv

Enter the “Delayed” section.

Advance And Delay Stremio Smart Tv Subtitles

You can advance or slow down the subtitles by clicking the “-” or “+” signs.

Finally, if this function doesn’t help you to sync subtitles of series or movies, don’t despair! You can create the subtitles with a plugin called Subtito. This addon is responsible for creating subtitles in any language automatically and for free (uses AI).

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